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The Essentials Capsule is Dropping Tomorrow, A Letter from Marrisa

The Essentials Capsule is dropping tomorrow. Here is a letter from Marrisa.

“MARRISA WILSON NY is back! This time we’ll be doing things a bit differently. I’ve done some soul-searching and so I’m bringing you this capsule collection as a fresh start, with a fresh perspective…”

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Fall Transitional Reminders and Motivation

Fall is just around the corner. And there’s something about the seasons changing that reminds us of everything that we’d promise ourselves we’d do differently that last time the temperatures shifted. So here are some reminders for you.

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I am excited to share with you all some really exciting news— (YES, SO EXCITING THAT I SAID IT TWICE)—and updates we having going on here at MARRISA WILSON NY. We are gearing up for a lot of big things and the first one I can share with you all is WOMAN’S PREROGATIVE, the MWNY blog where you will be able to browse through lifestyle articles, fashion and style tips, beauty tutorials and travel recommendations.

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