So I ended up on a Wu-Tang Clan name generator…I felt like I needed to lead with that... But hold that thought for a second because…

I am excited to share with you all some really exciting news— (YES, SO EXCITING THAT I SAID IT TWICE)—and updates we having going on here at MARRISA WILSON NY. We are gearing up for a lot of big things and the first one I can share with you all is WOMAN’S PREROGATIVE, the MWNY blog where you will be able to browse through lifestyle articles, fashion and style tips, beauty tutorials and travel recommendations. We’ll also be using the blog to simply spread positive energy and remind you to love yourself (because you’re dope) and support the women around you (because they are dope, too). We’ll also be highlighting other amazing women who are doing dope things in the world to keep you inspired when you need the lift. (Because we all need a lift sometimes, hun.)

You can even follow the process for our brand RELAUNCH with our FALL 2019 CAPSULE COLLECTION, available exclusively at MARRISAWILSONNY.COM.

But first, back to Wu. What had happened was I had been brainstorming the name idea for this blog for the past several weeks. I was getting so desperate that I ended up on a Wu-Tang Clan name generator to see if something could spark (it didn’t—Lion Sympathetic was their suggestion). Then I tried to write down all of things that I wanted this blog to be - a resource for style, inspiration, empowerment. I wanted create a community. I wanted to highlight the incredible multicultural women who are far too often left out of the conversation. To share my own story, in hopes that one day I could be the inspiration for a little girl who needed to see and hear that her kinks and her curls are beautiful. And it’s her prerogative do with it as she pleases, be whoever she wants to be. And so that’s how we arrived here.

For now, stay tuned for more blog entries and be on look out for updates regarding our FALL 2019 COLLECTION, COMING SOON!!




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